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I come back now?

Evening everyone who still follows me after all these months of inactivity! I’m thinking of taking Tumblr serious and make it strictly gaming and things that I like. I ‘unno. We’ll see.


Hashtag Highlight: Getting the #CatBand Together

To see more videos of people “playing” their cats (or patient felines putting up with their owners), explore the #catband hashtag.

It all started when Philadelphia Instagrammer Julie Amalone (@julieamalone) posted a video in which she “played” her cat Lily like a ukulele.

"@julieamalone, can Sketchie and I join your band?" fellow Philadelphian and designer Kenny Kim (@beggarsnthieves) asked in the caption of a video where he pretended his cat was a bagpipe. Kenny tagged his reply with #catband—and a new meme was born.

Since then, cats from around the world have been transformed into pretend pianos, trumpets, trombones, harmonicas and even theremins.


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Pink Poppies by Tanja Riedel (prints purchasable here)